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Game Institute Education

Game Institute™ provides courses in the field of video game design and development for learners of all experience levels. We teach the most important skills necessary for anyone interested in creating art or writing code for games. The company was founded by a team of artists, programmers, and teachers from the US and UK in 2001. We've trained thousands of designers and developers from all around the world since then, many of whom have gone on to industry jobs.

After you join, you can train directly here at the website, totally at your own pace, and study any subjects in the catalog that interest you. You can also seek a more structured certification program, either here with us, or through one of over 3000 accredited education partners. We offer tracks for both game artists and game programmers. In addition to high school and college students and industry pros, a significant percentage of our members are amateur and hobbyist game developers working on independent projects. Quite a few of our members are also just gamers with a personal interest in seeing how certain types of games are made.

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