If you are interested in career-related learning options, we offer certificate training programs in the areas of video game art and engineering. Our programs are designed and taught by industry veterans and experienced teachers and some are currently being offered in thousands of colleges, universities, and technical schools all around the world. For over 15 years, Game Institute has pioneered affordable, high-quality, training in the field of game development. We have helped many students achieve their dreams of becoming game developers, either professionally or for their independent projects. Our training is designed for learners of all experience levels, including total beginners.

Game Art and Design

(18 Months)

Train to become an expert Environment and Prop Artist for modern games and simulations. You'll learn all of the tricks and techniques needed to create stunning custom art assets and put together a compelling and professional portfolio.

Game Programming

(18 Months)

Build a strong foundation in video game programming and development as you train here online and earn a certificate from one of over 3000 colleges offering our program. Optional undergraduate credit is available separately.

NOTE: All programs qualify for optional Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Hours (PDH), sold separately. Students interested in game programming and engineering can also earn up to 9 undergraduate college credits which they can apply towards a variety of Bachelor’s Degree programs. Please contact us for more information about for-credit add-ons.

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