Game Development Courses (Instructor Guided)

If your preference is simply to access our vast library of training materials and tools, and you have little interest in taking classes/courses or earning any form of accreditation, then the core Game Developer Package is a perfect choice and you can stop reading right now and just go ahead and buy it. However, although we have a large number of free dedicated open forums where you can post questions and get answers from other members of the community, the core package does not include support from our in-house faculty and it does not offer the ability to earn any form of credit for your work.

On the other hand, if you are specifically looking for an instructor-led online course experience, or are interested in more advanced forms of accreditation, these options are also available using the same materials found in the Game Developer Package and supported by our team of in-house instructors. Options are available if you'd like to receive undergraduate level college credit, and there are also continuing education units (CEU) and professional development hours (PDH) on offer as well, if those are more in line with your educational requirements.

Full packages are available for those interested in either the programming, or the art & animation tracks. Upon enrollment in either program you'll get full access to a range of support features -- including official class forums and the ability to attend live events held by your instructor -- in addition to unlocking certain website features that enable you to be assessed (quizzes, exams, assignments) in all courses included in that program. Once an instructor can assess your work, at a minimum you will be eligible to receive a grade and a certificate of course completion. From there, if you would like to receive undergraduate level college credit, and credit is available for that particular course, you can also schedule a proctored final examination and, assuming you pass the exam, receive the assigned credits for the course (usually 3-4 credits per module) through a partner college.

For more details about our instructor guided online course packages, and to enroll today, simply follow the links below for the program that interests you:

ed2go - Video Game Design and Development (Programming Track)

ed2go - 3DS MAX (Art & Animation Track)