Game Programming Library

Get instant access to a huge library of books, demos, projects, and presentations that teach you game programming from the ground up.

Game Art and Animation Videos

Learn how to use industry standard tools like 3ds Max and Photoshop to create stunning 2D and 3D artwork for your video game projects.

Unity Tutorials

Our new Unity tutorials will help you take full advantage of this powerful and popular platform to quickly create games.

Books and Videos

In-Depth Materials

Our industry recommended books, presentations, videos, code and projects put you on the fast track to becoming a game programming professional.

Courses and Schools

Online Courses Available

If you want more than just our books, lectures, and code, we also offer fully-accredited instructor guided game development courses right here at the website, with over 2,000 schools participating.

Software - Tools and Game Engines

Game Development Tools

Get fast and flexible tools that help you make your own games. Engine source code and sample projects are included to assist you with really understanding the technologies involved.

Community - Designers, Programmers, Artists

Large Developer Community

Join a community of thousands of game programmers and artists, just like you! From hobbyists to professionals currently working in the field.

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