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Kind words from happy game developers

...thank you Game Institute for effectively educating me...

I finally got around to taking the final for this course (I've been done with the lessons for several months now, but haven't had time to program due to college)... and after studying up for the last couple of days, I pulled a 98 out of my butt! In fact, the only question I missed was the one question I went back and changed the answer on!!! Thank you Game Institute for effectively educating me ;D The only problem now is that its online and I don't have anybody to celebrate with, so everybody go get themselves some cake and ice cream and pretend you're at a party...

Jonathan L.

...I don't know what I would do without Game Institute...

I don't know what I would do without Game Institute. I wouldn't know half of what I know now if its wasn't for you guys. I just turned 19, so hopefully here in a couple years I'll be pretty good. Me and one of my buddies are taking these classes and we are going to build a game engine. I swear I've watched almost all of the tutorials 5 times... ha-ha... I'm obsessed with this now and I have y'all to thank for that.

Micah O.

...I've learned a ton in this class and I can't wait...

It took a lot of work but I've finally finished my tank. ;D For the landscape I've built some skyscrapers around the tank and then some mountains around them. The windows reflect to give them the same kind of feel as a real ones. I kind of cheated with building the mountain range -- I used Terragen because I couldn't get the kind of mountains I wanted in a paint program. I've included a movie of my tank moving throughout the city with a super-spray rain effect. I've posted on YouTube the 15 second movie, which took over 21 hours to render, LOL. I had to compress the movie to get it to upload on Game Institute and the original was much higher quality, but was 160 MBs. I've learned a ton in this class and I can't wait for my materials to arrive for the second one. See you guys in module 2!

Emilio P.

...Great resource. More developers need to take advantage of it...

Great resource. More developers need to take advantage of it.

John C.

...eating, sleeping, breathing C++ thanks to this great course...

Been working away on the Chapter 5 RPG game and can't for the life of me wrap my head around a method for implementing a functioning inventory for the game. So I thought I would come to the experts for some advice on how to proceed. It's sort of the last big addition to my game and I think my brain is fried from eating, sleeping, breathing C++ thanks to this great course !! ;D

Todd D.

...didn't want to depart without thanking you for all of the effort...

Thank you so much for putting together this fantastic course (Building Video Game Consoles). I didn't want to depart without thanking you for all of the effort that you put into the preparations for this class. I'm sure it was a lot of work and I hope that you consider it worthwhile. I certainly do! So, thank you for the wonderful course, and if you have any suggestions on additional hardware courses, I'd love to hear them.

Byl W.

...thanks to Frank and the other instructors who helped me...

Thanks to Frank and the other instructors who helped me when I got stuck. You guys rock!

Michael W.

...thank you Game Institute for such a wonderful time...

Frank, thank you very much for all your efforts and dedication to your students. Thank you Game Institute for letting me have such a wonderful time. Thank you fellow students for all your help.

Zaid M.

...easy to follow, yet extremely in depth coverage of Unity...

I just wanted to thank everyone here so far. Gary especially with his easy to follow, yet extremely in depth coverage of Unity. In the short period of time since I signed up I have become better at programming and I have been able to do some amazing things in Unity. I think I'll be around for awhile.


...two thumbs up for the quality of the courseware...

I am 20 years old and have been game programming for a couple of years with a 2d/3d game language. I also have been programming with visual basic since I was 13 or so off and on and have been programming with Visual Basic .NET 2003 since 2004. I want to give Game Institute two thumbs up for the quality of the courseware that I have seen so far. Concepts that took me a long time to understand when I learned them in VB.net are so clearly presented here; they are not only presented, they are read to me! With fantastic pricing, teachers, and community, this is a great learning experience! The teachers listed are also not just teachers -- they are experts! I saw Mr. LaMothe and freaked out because I knew that there were masters here! Look at all of the credentials of the teachers; man they really have some experience. Mr. Luna, my C++ teacher ;D, has multiple books published that are bestsellers! I hope that I am one day, with continued study and dedication, able to accomplish some of the feats that the teachers have accomplished that teach here. I always look forward to talking with all of the teachers and learning from the best!

Robert J.

...worth every single cent. It was even worth much, much more, but fortunately I didn't have to pay for that. :P...

Hey Adam (and the GI staff)!.

I'd like to take advantage of this moment to thank you for answering all my tons of questions!! Usually no one takes that much time to look at my questions, but you definitely did. I really, really appreciate it.

When I started this course I knew a little bit about 3D and had some years of programming experience. However, this course raised my skills to whole new levels. First I thought a class with hundreds lines of code is really big. During this course, I worked with classes containing thousands of lines of code! I really raised my standards and I really impressed myself. I didn't expect I could handle that. I learned a lot from the way you guys deal with such large projects. Also, it was incredible how you (yeah, you Adam :) ), corrected all those projects that didn't work and added comments saying what exactly went wrong. Without them, it would have taken me ages to reach the same level!

Now that I've finished the course, I think I can be really proud of myself, and I am. When I started the course, I expected it to be really difficult. There were lots of people (no, not the ones at GI!) that told me (as always) that all this was too difficult for me... that I should wait some more years until I finish high school or even university! They often tend to do that.

They also tend to see websites (they call it websites, I call it communities) as a place where boring, unsociable people meet to discuss there boring interests. You guys prove otherwise!! It was great to talk to everyone during the live chats. I could really feel that all the instructors and the students were truly interested in the subject. It was so nice to be able to talk to people that actually have the same hobbies and interests as I do.

This course was worth every single cent I paid for it. It was even worth much, much more, but fortunately I didn't have to pay for that. :P ;D LOL

Abel C.