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Kind words from happy game developers

...the best, most thought out, well-explained videos...

I am THOROUGHLY enjoying Gary's step-by-step tutorials. I wish to thank him for taking the time to cover how he worked on getting game graphics and polishing them off to look like fantastic sprites. The terrain video was also very informative. As a struggling developer learning how to build a game from scratch, this (Balls of Glory) was a great learning experience. Gary, I have looked at a great many Unity training videos and yours are by far the best, most thought out, and well-explained videos I have come across. I like that you take the time to understand all of the aspects of the Unity Environment in explaining your thought process and what goes into making a game. Kudos to you!

This is my second go-around with the Game Institute. I re-upped from a one-year subscription and really like the new site and new content. I previously built games following along with Gary on the Balls of Steel Project and Invasion Earth Project. I learned a GREAT deal of knowledge from those projects as well.

Thanks again to Gary and the Game Institute staff for a great place to learn!

Greg B.

...blown away by the quality of the training...

I'm blown away by the quality of the training. The videos are very rich in term of educational content and Gary is quite a funny guy. I don't want to sound like a fanboy, but I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to learning more.

Marc A

...exactly what I had been looking for in game developer video training...

This has been a wonderful series of videos (Dead Earth). Very informative and is exactly what I had been looking for in game developer video training. I completed 16 lessons in only a few days and I'm looking forward to the next module.

Peter Q.

...never saw tutorials that explain things like this before...

I learned so much in your tutorials! I was having a lot of trouble combining AI with animations and I love the system that we use in Dead Earth. Your style of teaching is awesome. I never saw tutorials that explain things like this before. Now I use Unity more than ever.


...The best and most comprehensive course on car physics and racing games...

The best and most comprehensive course on car physics and racing games!


...I succeeded developing an Oculus Rift C++ application...

I'm a Game Institute student and a graphics developer. I just wanna tell my mates that i succeeded developing an Oculus Rift C++ application running an OpenGL scene with some GLSL in it. I was able to do so thanks to the C++ Programming modules from The Game Institute :)


...I got employed with Electronic Arts...

I just wanted to say one BIG THANK YOU. I finally managed to start working in the industry I always wanted to! Got employed with Electronic Arts like a month ago and though it has been a slow start (EA is a big company) I finally started getting my hands dirty, and it feels gooood :) I know I would have never been able to make it without the knowledge gained from Game Institute and all your support, motivation & help.

Aleksandar T.

...this training is by far the best I've ever taken...

I think you'll find this training REALLY good - it's by far the best I've ever taken. The books are extremely well written! Everything is so well explained (with NO waffle) they are a joy to read! The end of chapter exercises are ace too! And, the forums are full of lots of helpful, friendly people to help you out if you get stuck.

Chris B.

...I developed and released an Xbox game...

Just wanted to say thanks to all the folks here at Game Institute who helped me to wrap my brain around this game development stuff. Using what I learned here at TGI, I was able to develop and release an Xbox game under Microsoft's Community Games program. It's not much...but I did it in my spare time, and it's mildly addictive :) If anyone's interested in checking out, the game is on the Xbox Marketplace. It's called Planet Crashmania 9,000,000.

Many thanks to GI and all who check out the game!

Ron B.

...I started working at Sony Cambridge...

I got a job in the industry and I would like to thank Game Institute for helping me with that -- I started working at Sony Cambridge (on a Little Big Planet project) last November!

Diogo N.