Drivers, Start Your Engines!

Experience the thrill of GI Racing 2.0! Compete on real racing tracks from all around the world in a variety of different automobiles. Work your way through the career mode and earn more lucrative contracts from bigger teams with better, faster cars. See how you handle the many different weather conditions in both day and nighttime driving modes. Enjoy state-of-the-art car physics and an adaptive driver AI system that creates exciting and realistic races, regardless of the player's skill level.

  • Arcade racer with a simulation feel that is still welcoming to novice players
  • Competitive single-player career mode with Tournament Circuit and Trophy Room
  • Quick Race options let you jump right in and customize your racing experience
  • Stunning visuals and lighting provide an immersive and realistic world
  • Famous real world racetracks in a variety of countries
  • Realistic vehicle and cockpit damage make the game more challenging
  • Wheel, peddle, joystick, joypad, game pad, and keyboard support
  • Multiple difficulty settings and Driver AI that adapts to player skill level
  • Multi-GPU support providing accelerated rendering performance
  • Cinematic multi-camera replay system to watch back races frame-by-frame
  • Learn to build the game yourself with access to the official GI Racing tutorial video series


Members can download the complete GI Racing 2.0 project, all set up and ready to go in Unity -- including cars, tracks, AI and track tools, sounds, music, and source code. You should have your own racing games up and running in no time when you have this kind of a head start!