Featured Games

These are commercial quality games that we develop in-house to pass along the knowledge to you. You can follow along with us, starting from a completely blank screen, all the way to the completion of the full game. You’ll understand how the games are made from every angle – design, programming, art, even marketing and distribution. If you have no prior experience in any of these areas, don’t worry, because your membership also includes an expansive set of foundation level training, suitable for beginners, to get you ready.
(First  Person  Shooter  /  Survival  Horror)

Dead Earth is a thrilling, first-person, action-survival game set in the modern post-apocalypse. As mankind’s last hope, you’ll traverse a fallen world ravaged by a lethal plague. Dive headlong into total chaos and destruction as you desperately search for Subject Zero, the first human to turn. This person, if they are still ‘alive’, could hold the key to unlocking a cure for the epidemic. The game presents players with a variety of dangerous environments where the fight for survival gets progressively more difficult as the story unfolds. The infection has manifested in a variety of terrifying ways, so you’ll face a merciless set of enemies from enraged humanoids to total mutations whose origins are almost unrecognizable. Make sure you stockpile some extra ammo!

(Auto   Racing)

A gorgeous, pulse-pounding, single player arcade-style racing game that lets you drive a variety of powerful cars on real world racing tracks. Experience day and night-time races and a ton of additional features that add to the fun. Challenge yourself by racing in different weather and visibility conditions and driving cars with a variety of handling and responsiveness capabilities. Jump right into a Quick Race or join a racing team and try your luck on the Tournament Circuit. As your skills improve, you’ll be invited to join up with more prestigious racing clubs and drive better cars. This game sets a new standard for how educational games are developed and taught.

(Arcade / Social Media / Facebook)

An addictively simple, fun-to-play, arcade brick breaker done in a modern style using Unity 5. Enjoy multiple game themes and tons of awesome power-ups that make the game more strategic and enjoyable. But don’t let appearances fool you! Beneath the cute cartoon exterior lies a collection of systems that support some very sophisticated ideas. You’ll be asked to take on database programming and even do a bit of web development using technologies like PHP, JavaScript, and HTML5. You’ll also learn how to offer an in-game storefront, where you can sell items and upgrades to your players using real cash based micro-transactions. The training concludes with deploying and running your game on the largest social media platform around – Facebook. You’ll be able to give out awards and trophies to your players, and have your game post to their timelines so that they can brag about their victories and compete with their friends.

Match Baker combines a traditional match-3 game with strategic gameplay and resource management. The player is a baker growing their own business by upgrading kitchens and ovens, building an inventory of ingredients, and researching and practicing recipes for new, more expensive items.

Invasion Earth is a wonderful supplemental project for beginners new to game development because it includes almost every aspect of a simple but complete game. It is inspired by Space Invaders, the arcade classic from the 1970's. Although we construct all of the game and its assets in 3d, it still plays more like a traditional 2d arcade game.