Package Overview

Materials Library

Get instant access to a large library of high-quality game development training material. You will receive thousands of pages of detailed text, hundreds of video presentations, and lots of source code and projects for experimentation. All of this will be right at your fingertips for immediate viewing and downloading.

New Content Upgrades

With your new content subscription, you'll get all of the great new products we've got in the pipeline, automatically and for free, as soon as they roll out. This not only includes updates to current materials, but new features, new game development tools, and future courses, videos, and projects too.

Flexible Training

Learn game development right from home at your own pace and use our free community forums and chatrooms for support. There is no requirement to participate in anything or submit any work. If you'd prefer more structure, you can take a more traditional instructor-guided, time-restricted, graded online course experience through one of our academic partners.

Powerful Tools

You'll learn to make commercial quality cross-platform games rapidly using state of the art tools like Unity, 3ds Max, and Photoshop. But your game developer training also includes getting under the hood and examining how games and game engines work technologically. For that, you'll get access to game development tools with full source code and modding capabilities to bring about that insight.

Media Add-Ons

Although the package itself is fully electronic, you can separately purchase printed versions of a number of our textbooks, along with CDs or DVDs that include the accompanying presentations and projects. You can order physical media for delivery any time it is convenient.

● In Development (2013/2014)